Logo Branding is design is vital for many reasons, firstly it it instantly must let your customers know who you are and what you do. The other important aspect of identity of the brand is to give some kind of a personality, a ‘how’ and ‘why’ about what you and your company does. Your logo/brand is the expression of your company to the whole world and every single piece of collateral your company puts out (online and offline) will echo this in its style and feel.

When creating a logo/brand one of the most important factors to consider is the visual impact the logo would have at very small resolutions.

A logo that can be identified and understood at a tiny size is the real litmus test for the success of the design.

logo branding designs by David Pugh

Another question to ask is, would the logo brand make sense if it was a single colour? A key question when designing a logo, it again relates to clarity of image and visual communication of the brand.

A logo that has overlapping shapes and colours will never be quite as effective as one that has clear form and has versatility. Could the logo be recreated as a stencil for example?  This is a test I like to lay down when I design, giving another definition to the word “Brand”

famous brands

With over 10 years experience of logo branding projects under his belt, David can give the correct guidance and expertise to ensure the logo for your project will have all the necessary elements for success.

you may have a clear idea of the kind of brand and identity you want to produce, or you might want to use David’s experience to help him create one together. Either way you can be assured of a quality service from initial idea, to final execution.