Many businesses start with a less than ideal website, but they eventually get to a point where they need a professional online appearance. Unfortunately, getting a website is not as simple as buying office consumables. Business owners and graphic designers do not necessarily speak the same language, and it can be challenging to produce the exact, desired outcome. On the positive side, you do not need to know all the vocabulary and technical stuff to work with your freelance web designer.

Ideally, you should be able to visualize the final output of what you want, before sitting down with your web designer. The role of the designer is to raise questions that refine your idea, but the quality of the end product depends on how coherent your meeting is. So, you should try to be specific with your feedback by using phrases such as:

What do you recommend? While you should have a clear vision of what you want, you can inspire your freelance graphic designer by showing him or her that you value his/her opinion. Instead of commissioning them with your deliverables set in stone, it is essential that you give them some time to think about the project, and make their contribution. It may take a couple of days for them to offer their recommendations, but you will probably be amazed by the ideas that top designers come up with.

 How and when do I reach you for progress updates or other inquiries? It can be hard to reach some web designers on phone, yet there are some who prefer it. Some may be willing to talk to their clients at unusual hours, like at 10PM, while others dedicate specific hours to work-related calls, like 9AM to 5PM. So, before you start the project, it is essential that you know how and when to contact your graphic designer, and try to accommodate it. There will be less mix-ups and your designer will enjoy working with you, which will translate to greater quality work.

 How much time will the project take? Asking the designer how much time they need to complete a project tells them that you expect quality work, and you know that good work takes time. New projects typically take longer than subsequent design jobs because it takes time to invent the “look” of your business or company from scratch. The design process involves a lot of thought and revisions, which take time. If you are patient, you can be amazed by the results.

 This is the target audience, this is the information you need, and this is the objective! Websites need good and relevant content and any designer will be happy to work with a client who has all the necessary text and photos well organized; knows their target audience; and communicates effectively the general objective of the project. It is also important that you have a clear approval process in place, while giving the web designer enough room and flexibility to do their best work.

These phrases can help to ensure that your relationship with your freelance graphic designer remains positive throughout the duration of the project, and that the results of the work are as desired. It is important to participate and offer guidance, without being overly domineering, to allow room for creativity.