When it comes to outsourcing graphic design, the majority of companies head straight for an agency. Whilst this suits some companies, there are many benefits associated with hiring a freelancer.


The average freelancer doesn’t have anywhere near the overheads, an established agency has, as many work from home. Even if they do have an office somewhere, it’s likely to be much smaller, and have no staff. Generally speaking, these cost savings get passed down from the freelancer, to the client.


Agencies obviously work for lots of different clients. More often than not, they also have a couple of “flagship” clients, which demand lots more time and effort. Agencies will always find a little more time for these clients, opposed to their smaller ones. Freelancers on the other hand, tend to work from project to project, or have only a small number of projects active. This allows them to place more focus, on the ones that they are working on.


Freelance Graphic Designers work incredibly hard to compete with design agencies. They also tend to work outside of normal hours, and during weekends, providing you with greater flexibility. If you need something urgently, you have more chance of getting a response from a Freelance Graphic Designer out of normal hours, than you would an Agency.


If you use a design agency, you generally get allocated an Account Manager. They act as your main point of contact, and liaise with the designer on your behalf. By working with a Freelance Graphic Designer you benefit from one on one communication. Not only can you talk about what you are looking to achieve, nothing gets lost in translation.


Dealing direct with a freelancer, generally means that your project will be completed more quickly. With no need to go through third parties, getting your requirements implemented, and changes actioned, takes far less time.

Fresh Creativity

Using the same agency time and time again, will likely fail to produce new and creative results. Hiring a freelancer can bring a fresh pair of eyes to everything, and breathe life into your project.


One of the big advantages, associated with hiring someone who does Freelance Graphic Design, is you get to see the work, they alone have worked on. An agency on the other hand, will provide you with samples of work, from multiple designers. Unless you like all the designers in the portfolio, you could end up being assigned a designer, whose work you were less keen on.