…is for Aesthetics.
The website has to LOOK GOOD, it must entice, like a shop window display. Good photography is key to achieving this, nice layout, a professional look. It needs to look like time and care was put into creating the web masterpiece before them, and if so, the customer will also want to invest in it and will trust the quality of your product.



…is for Browse-ability.
The average time spent on a website is often no longer than 7 seconds. In that period can the user get to what they want? The user is very unlikely to READ your text, just notice the BIG BOLD WORDS, like TITLES, HEADLINES, so this needs to the important stuff. If the user cannot browse and quickly find what they want, they will click off in less than 5 seconds. By the way, congratulations on reading this far, you are indeed a special user, less than 6% of all the people who have ever clicked onto this site, have read this much text.



…is for Compatibility.
The big thing that your site needs to be compatible with is GOOGLE above any other search engine. Getting to the front page of Google is the holy land for any site, and there is no magic formula to get there. What David Pugh will do is make your site compatible, using experienced Search Engine Optimisation techniques that will give your site the best chance for your targeted search terms.