Facebook Design

With facebook recently reaching 1 BILLION users, it is a platform that businesses cannot ignore, no doubt facebook will continue to evolve, but as from 2012/2013 the ability to edit it is still fairly ridged.

The key is to match the style and visual language of facebook, and control the areas in which you can have influence over the design, below you will see some screen shots of a facebook page I created for Tesco Pet Club

Facebook Design for Tesco Pet Club

Tesco needed a comprehensive facebook design from top to bottom.  The page was propagated with imagery of cute pets, each enhancing the product or offer they were on.  The focus was on dogs and cats as these are obviously the most popular paets to get insurance on.

Tesco Pet Club Design

It’s interesting to adapt graphics, posters or photography to the Cover Photo space dedicated to Facebook design. Sometimes It’s even a nice idea to try and integrate the profile background picture into the profile pic, as a clever looking overlap to the design. Below you can see how on my personal page, I used a large set of text to overlap with the profile picture. This is a fun and clever way to merge the areas of profile picture to the cover photo. It appears seamless and slick, it also gives the profile picture an interesting background.

my facebook page

Pioneer Facebook Design

Below is a design I made for Pioneer, using a tiled theme to match the bathroom tile theme for the business. As with the above design, the tiled effect is perfectly aligned to the profile pic.  This means that the cover photo had to be divided mathematically to allow the profile tile to appear exactly aligned.  This was achieved through taking a screenshot of the existing page and transposing the size of the profile tile to the cover photo.  The bubbles behind the profile tile add to the facebook design, emphasising the profile.

Pioneer Bathrooms Facebook Design