David Pugh is a graphic designer based in East London Zone E1, and specialises in providing design services for clients all across the city.

Around 85% of David’s clients are London-based businesses, they range from sole traders to established multinational companies.

All of them benefit from an ability to sit down and discuss their specific design requirements within a very short period of their initial enquiry. Based so centrally it is very easy to meet and get to the core of the creativity that needs to be put in place. Don’t have a brief? Let’s create one together, putting in all the detail and reference points we need to get the best result.

graphic design london

Being a graphic designer in London is the perfect place, full of industry and inspiration, from art galleries to street art, posters, elaborate displays and tonnes of creative agencies. Transport around the city is excellent, no 2 businesses or locations are ever that far apart of tricky to get to, and you don’t even need a car!

If you are a London business that is looking to benefit from David’s experience and skills and would like a free design consultation then feel free to call 07890 83 84 85 or email here.