When you are surfing the internet on the look for a freelance graphic designer there are several very important points that you should keep in mind. Or, more importantly, several things that will help you find the right freelance graphic designer for you (which is much more important than finding someone who is simply ‘good’).

1 Create a Project List.

Compose a list of everything you want your graphic designer to do, that way you have a point of reference when meeting your designer for the first time. If your designer knows fully what is expected of them it is less likely that you will not receive a service you are happy about. It will also help to make sure that all elements of their work for you will be related.

2 Do your Research.

Don’t just settle for the first freelance graphic designer you stumble upon. Take a look at their past work and create a list of your favourite designers. Also make sure to look at the testimonials of their past clients if they were not personally recommended to you. What types of clients have they had and, most importantly, what type of experience have they had doing the tasks that you are after. Do not be afraid to email or phone designers asking for more examples of their work, you must be sure that you actually like their style before hiring them.

demographic of graphic design enquiries

Alternatively, you can post a job role on Indeed or other job websites and let potential designers contact you. This can help ensure that you narrow down your ‘favourites’ to people who genuinely have the time to complete the work you are asking for.

However, before you seriously get in touch with any freelance graphic designer you must be sure of your budget. Be prepared, if you are looking to hire a highly experienced designer then it is likely that their work won’t come cheap. Due to this it can be tempting to look for amateurs  who charge less, you may not receive consistent results from them and may be forced to go through the whole process again, ultimately costing you more money than if you had just hired a more experienced graphic designer in the first place! If your initial start-up budget is tight, it is a good tip that many highly skilled designers will be open to negotiate their posted prices in exchange for consistent, ongoing work with your company.

Interview everyone on your list. You may have fallen in love with the first person you talk to, however, there may be someone even better just around the corner. Do not be afraid to talk money and deadlines. These are very important aspects to make these clear as early as possible. It’s key to both of you after all!

All of these above points are vital as they will save you both time and money in the long run. It will also ensure that your company’s brand does not become confused and that all aspects of your ‘public’ appearance gives off the same image. Mutual understanding is the key to mutual happiness.