As you may have seen in the A, B, C of web design, one of the three most important things a website must do is look good. It must be aesthetically pleasing and enticing to users.

And although it may seem obvious, it’s important to remember just how crucial aesthetics are to every job a graphic designer does, whether that’s web design, re branding a logo or a design for print. It’s easy to get bogged down in other elements of design, such as compatibility for a website, and forget just how important looks are in every single job a freelance graphic designer takes on.

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Now exciting and original aesthetics need to come from somewhere. And for a graphic designer to stay on top of their game they need to be, and stay, creative. Creativity will ensure bold and eye catching new designs, show off a product in an exciting new way and enthuse customers.

In fact, when you do your research to find the right London freelance graphic designer for a job, most of the research done online will be visual; looking for creativity, originality and designs that speak to you. A good graphic designer, after all, is someone who can convey a message or promote a product in an innovative way. And do it better than everyone else.

Without that spark of creativity, a graphic designer’s work simply won’t excite and it won’t meet the brief of many clients.


The Quest of a Freelance Graphic Designer

So a popular question that freelance graphic designers get asked a lot is ‘how do you stay creative?’ And there isn’t a simple answer. But living and breathing graphic design as a real passion certainly helps and as well as absorbing everything feasibly possible in the design world.

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As a freelance graphic designer in London, there is inspiration on every corner. So it’s important to look around, always be open to new ideas, and take inspiration from anywhere you can find it and at any time. Working with exciting and inspiring clients also helps, and whether you speak to them face to face or just over Skype, a good product and interesting brief will always spark creativity. And this is one reason why communication should be so important to any freelance graphic designer, whether they are based in London or further afield.

But creativity also comes from experience and meticulous research into the industry you are designing for. A London freelance graphic designer shouldn’t only research other London based competition for a new website, for example, but search through every other site possible. Once you have evaluated the competition then you are free to be creative and do better than them. To be creative and original a good freelance graphic designer simply has to know everything else out there.

So thorough research, being open to new ideas, flexibility, communication and taking inspiration from every source imaginable will certainly help a designer find that creative spark. And as a freelance graphic designer in London, being based in the hub of the design world certainly helps.