Representing an incredible achievement of technology, the graphic artist’s ability to produce stunningly beautiful works of art in a purely digital space is one of the most amazing and defining elements of our modern landscape.

Unhindered by so many of the constraints of traditional mediums, of physical limitations, of practical issues, the artist is able to realise their creative vision in a manner previously unheard of. With this spirit of glimpsing new vistas of artistic possibilities in mind, David Pugh has spent ten years as a professional freelance graphic designer, honing his lifelong skills of realising works of art.

a typical freelance graphic designer project logo design

A Variety of Services

Today, graphic designers are employed at a wide host of tasks, from creating entire brands, envisioning unforgettable logos, creating blockbuster film heroes, making something as eye catching as possible in a vast sea of forces competing for ones attention. From logo design to character art, graphic designers truly have their work cut out for them to achieve a mastery of their trade.

Freelance Graphic Designer offers a wide variety of services which tap into David’s extensive repertoire of experience, including but hardly limited to: logo design, business card design, brochure design, headed paper, promotional designs, flyers, CD and merchandising artwork, posters, and even full web design.

Many Mediums, One Freelance Graphic Designer

While the digital realm might be the primary focus of the graphics artist – the artisan’s workshop which produces the final master pieces – their art is widely varied and often embodies many mediums. Indeed, David is familiar with the challenges of screen to print and other issues which present themselves to artists looking to put their creative endeavours into multiple mediums. Regardless of your needs for printing or however you plan to display the art work, David’s careful eye for detail ensures you’ll find his final product aesthetically pleasing.

Freelance Flexibility

Operating as a freelancer, David handles each client as an important business opportunity. The freedom of freelancing has allowed him to continually develop as an artist throughout his professional career and given him a large amount of influence in his artistic style as well as his professional output. His clients have included media giants like the BBC, award winning television show Top Gear, MTV, Hilton, Kellogg’s, Mercedes AMG and a host of other clients and companies. His work can be found on websites and in various forms of print around the world.

Consultation Every Step Of The Way

One of the strengths of a graphic designer is their ability to communicate continuously with clients and business owners to ensure that the product realised is a quality and serviceable piece, no matter what type of freelance graphic designer project it maybe. Utilising years of practical experience and training, David assists every step in the way with the design, tweaking and final touches of each piece, keeping the client in the loop as much as desired. If you have only a vague notion of what you want, you can flesh it out in conversation until the design is to your liking. If you have exacting specifications, they can be realised as clearly as they can be communicated.

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