BBC Worldwide

Working in close partnership with Method UK (Now named Fracture Clinic), David worked on numerous projects with BBC Worldwide some of which are highlighted In this portfolio section of the website.

Dancing with the Stars

Known as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in the UK, Dancing with the Stars is the global brand which has been exported to many countries across the globe. Working with a developer David developed the design for the global brandbook, an animated, multimedia presentation showing all aspects of the show, its history and production.

Top Gear USA

One of the most popular shows in the UK has been recreated out in the States, and David brought some of the marketing material to life with this complex montage of images from the show. Freelance Graphic Designer created this eye-catching showcase graphic created in portrait and landscape format.



The children’s TV brand, Cbeebies was another program that needed the interactive presentation treatment. All of the brand’s characters and programmes needed their own feature, all of which was designed and, in some cases, animated by David as part of the design.


The umbrella for all of the BBC Earth and wildlife documentaries. This is a work-in-progress look at David’s initial treatments to the design for the interactive presentation of BBC Earth