Braehead Clan Brand Creation

A newly established ice hockey team set up in the Braehead area of Glasgow, competing in the Elite League of Great Britain (Equivalent of Premier League of Football).

The Logo has been reproduced on shirts, merchandise and within the Braehead Arena where the team play, including a huge logo in the centre of the ice rink


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The official Ice-Skating cheerleader team for the Braehead Clan, concept and logo also designed by David Pugh. The branding here was based around the classic love heart tattoo. This is a familiar image and has a strong emotional connection to ‘belonging’ and ‘passion for your team’ The Clan concept was always about these strong emotional connections and to show this on a tattoo shows the dedication that is felt between family and supporting a team. This naturally seemed to be the perfect symbol to integrate into the cheerleading team that will be at every home match, cheering the boys on.

braehearts logo design
clan ice hockey team

Clan Logo Development

This was a very engaging project, from initial discussions and sketches, through to idea development and illustrations, then finally to the software and production.

Above we see the different stages of logo development, working at the illustrations and formats of the ‘clan’ members, there had to be a sense of family and togetherness, the Clan go into battle as one. The personality of these fierce warriors had to be captured in the faces, you can see the intensity and desire to win and to fight for each other. The version to the left here is almost the final version, there was just a need to add the helmets to the characters and the look is complete.