Estrella Damm

Brewed in Barcelona, Estrella Damm is a popular larger beer brand enjoyed worldwide. With a rich history dating back to 1876, it was founded by Küntzmann Damm.

It is the oldest larger brand in Spain with the origins of the name meaning ‘Star’ both in Catalan and in Spanish. Now an international Brand, Estrella Damm is consumed in Australia, Brazil,, Canada, Ukraine, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.  A prestigious and historic company that Freelance Graphic Designer Ltd was thrilled to be a part of and help out, completing many creative projects together over the last few years.

Festival Partnerships

As the main sponsors of the music festivals Cruilla and Sonar, many promotional materials were needed leading up to these large events.

Main sponsor of Cruïlla

The graphics for Cruïlla had to be as spectacular as the festival which prides itself on discovering best music and a friendly, warm atmosphere. Set in a beautiful, unique sea side environment near the sea with a varied gastronomic selection of worldwide food and music. The main stage was the feature for the artwork of the flyer, capturing the unique atmosphere and vibe, as well as highlighting the Estrella sponsorship placement

Main sponsor of Sonar

A 3 day electronic music festival. Founded in Barcelona in 1994 by Ricard Robles, Enric Palau, and Sergi Caballero. Arranged into 2 unique parts, the festival features a daytime event named ‘Sónar by Day’ and an nightime/evening segment known as ‘Sónar by Night’. The artwork for the flyer is deliberately consistent with the language of the previous as to show the atmosphere, excitement and energy of the main stage and Estrella’s sponsorship of the event.

Print Advertising

As part of Freelance Graphic Designer’s advertising campaign with Estrella the simple, clean advertising concept for the brand was realised for a series of print adverts which ran throughout many established publications.

The proposal was centred on the idea of the print adverts showing the unique characteristics of the history of the brand and their unique, stylised look for glassware and pump design. Our design was inspired by the lines created and the negative space of the arrangement which could naturally support a strong headline typeface. For the supporting text and information a serif font was used which oozed history and class in deliberately clean, simple design.

FC Barcelona Partnership

Estrella Damm has been a part of the FC Barcelona framework for sometime, witht he two entities sharing the unique and historic city culture. There is a special bond between the club and the Estrella brand and this continues to strengthen year upon year.

An exclusive sponsor of the video line up announcements at the Camp Nou at the start of each game, and a named partner to the competition ‘Festa del Gamper’ Trophy. With Estrella Damm will also naming the Trophy’s man of the match at each competition.

Having been established in1876, Estrella Damm has had an intimate link with football and for many years has partnered with FC Barcelona sharing moments of special history together. Both companies are over one hundred years old and have carried out numerous projects together. Always working to to get closer to the Club’s player and fans, sharing multiple league titles and other success throughout the years.

Below there is a series of designed concepts for a unique opportunity which allows football fans to follow in the footsteps of their legends and play at the historic Camp Nou. Each is a variation conceived by Freelance Graphic Designer and presented to the team at Estrella for final release.