Waldorf Hilton Online Digital Advent Calendar

This highly creative brief was set by the Waldorf Hilton to promote offers and generate interest in the hotel for the entire Christmas period.

David Pugh was asked in to flesh out the idea, and to create the design, look and build of the advent card, and the results thrilled everyone involved.

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Design Previews

Each day is activated by the date set on the computer, and the days go clear when they have passed, when the user clicks on a window the screen zooms into that window and the user can open it to see what is inside.

There is a lovely smooth peel action, which creates a tactile quality to the experience, the excitement of revealing the treat for that day.

Here you can see how the calendar would appear on the 20th of December, with the previous days blanked out. However, you could still view them if you wished.

The user can click on any window up to the current date and select that window to open.

Some of the calendar days featured recipes, others were competitions or Christmas facts, London history, and stories about the Waldorf Hotel through the many years it’s been established.

It provides the user with an incentive to come back every day and acts as a powerful promotional tool for a whole month and a spectacular fireworks display on the 25th!

Hilton Web Design
Hilton Web Design
Hilton Web Design