The brief for this brand was very specific and unusual. The company helps to get very rare orphan drugs to market. An orphan drug is a product for a condition so rare that it is very hard to sell and get traction due to it’s limited market appeal. The visual language to identify for the brand was more in-line with that of some well known large charities. David produced mood boards of charities, and of other similar marketing and pharmaceutical brands. This was vital to get a feel for these styles and to blend them, even if the links are very subtle.

The creation of mood boards is absolutely vital to the communication process of the project. It’s vital to determine to quality of design and trends within your industry. The styles of your competitors and how far your brand design is from that. It’s vital to see what the client likes AND what they DO NOT Like, as this will be valuable information to get the new brand to their standards and tastes.

The mood boards also will feed the subconscious, give you new ideas, directions and it will stop you from ACCIDENTALLY copying another concept by reaching the same conclusion.

For P4A there had to be a common theme that stood out from the brand values that can be represented in the logo, and that theme was GLOBAL. By using the globe – a 3D render of the globe with lines of longitude and latitude around it and the glare of the sun creating a pool of light. A globe shape was realised, opposed to a simple circle. This becomes now the focus of the brand and the key differentiation point to it’s competitors.

Web Design

With the brand realised, the website is the next most important factor of the rebrand process. Again simple, slick, clean and medial were the key themes. Reference websites were identified and used as inspiration. With the sliders spelling out key brand values and USP’s of the company. This was created by modifying existing istock images to make unique custom images suitable for the new brand.