Adding illustration is a fantastic way to add diversity and originality to a design.  Rather than relying on photoshop or istock to try to find a result you are looking for, often the addition of a skilled and creative illustrator can give a design that unexpected, fresh visual aspect it needs.  And with illustration there literally are no limits as to what can be achieved.

A number of graphic design projects might require the hand of an illustrator.  David has a partner in crime for just these kinds of projects, his name is James Kent and the partnership of illustration mixed with design, colour, effects, retouching and production has netted these results.

Top Gear Live

James and David worked on these artworks for the 2012 Top Gear Live program, showing the presenters of Top Gear in the form of illustrated cut out characters, with options of various outfits see on the show.

Top Gear Illustration
Top Gear Illustration
Top Gear Illustration


Here a high quality stylised guide to folding a pocket square was designed, this is currently displayed on the Pock-it website and available as download.

Pockit Illustration

Rajar Christmas Card

The brief here was to create a cartoon for the radio industry this Christmas

Illustration design


A logo design using a half ape/half man symbol was developed for an urban clothing brand

Illustration design