Having a website these days is essential. Whether you are a new business, a charity, a global company, or an individual freelancer, your website is the most powerful tool you own for marketing, brand awareness and generating sales. Your website is where people will find out information about you, where they go to buy your products and to contact you. Without a website, you practically don’t exist.

And because a website is so important, no matter how large or small your organisation, it is essential that it showcases your business in the best possible light. And that is why you need a professional graphic designer on board.

It might seem like an unnecessary outlay, especially if you’re just starting out or working to a tight budget.  Maybe you understand a little bit about web design and have excellent creative flair, or know an enthusiastic friend or family member who wants to help. But the money spent on working with a graphic designer will pay off many times over in the future.  And all good graphic designers will really value your creative input and understanding of design, so that knowledge of yours will help the partnership flourish and return even better results.

A website designed by a graphic design expert will improve traffic, optimise clicks, improve user experience, enhance browse-ability and create a long lasting, professional layout. How? Well a graphic designer understands what a user wants from a website and designs pages specifically for your target audience. They can also work with more advanced processes, such as responsive design, SEO and development, ensuring a robust, well made, streamlined and fresh website.

Now, if you are a London based company, you will already know just how competitive the London graphic design market is. There are lots of graphic designers based in London who want to compete for your business, so you need to consider carefully when choosing.

  • Look at their website (it really is key to generating business). Do their ideas and designs excite you?
  • Investigate who the graphic designer has worked with previously. Association with well known brands demonstrates respect within the industry and a professional approach.
  • Do they have experience in your sector? This is vital for a graphic designer to understand your target market and the specific needs of your site.
  • It’s also often important for you, the client, to find a local designer. If you are based in London, finding a local London graphic design expert will make it easier to have face to face meetings, which, in turn, will generate more in-depth, productive consultations.
  • A London graphic designer based close to you will also be on hand for future work, such as website redesigns, product launches and new web campaigns. Building a lasting relationship with your graphic designer really is key here.

So if you are looking for a graphic designer in London, do your research, get quotes and start having consultations. You are guaranteed to start seeing improved results straight away.