Working on graphic design projects through Skype Screen Share is a lot easier than you think.

These days it is possible to have a working relationship with a client and never actually meet them. I have a number of clients based outside London, and some outside the UK who I work with on a weekly basis.

demographic of graphic design enquiries

Free internet calling through skype has been around for a while, but recently Skype introduced the screen share function and this adds a whole new level of interactivity with a client.

I can upload my screen that will show Photoshop or Illustrator with their artwork, we can make changes and the client can see designs evolve in real time.

It’s a great benefit to both parties, and it forms a closer working relationship that can only be matched by actually being in the offices and looking at the same screen (which of course is not always possible, is time consuming and can be expensive)

I have clients in India, San Francisco, Miami, France and Ireland that I work with in this way and it has transformed projects and working relationships for the better.