Dio Davies

Branding design for a high end furniture designer, working mostly with perspex to create beautiful and original pieces of furniture, highly collectable and artistic.

The branding concepts for this furniture designer were developed through many meetings, discussions, sketches, brainstorms and phone calls.

Stationery designs for Dio Davies

Idea development

The need to create an identity around a monogram of the initials was identified. DD as the focus of the brand, a font that is clean and modern, unfussy, sans serif, modern and slick. Having identified the style, direction and font choice it was a case of making an interesting interaction between the 2 D’s.

David developed a perspective angled version of the two ‘D’ forms, but in a way that could represent the furniture, the 2 surfaces of the perspex with a gap in between for the artistic element of the piece. The D’s are sloped away like a table, an inviting surface that the new brand presents to the audience.

Stationery and Materials.

Individual letter heads, business cards, information sheets were developed for each of the main styles of furniture. The key component of the piece is represented as a thin strip. This adds colour and relevance to the linked documentation and it also makes the stationery and brand bespoke to the tastes of the buyer.