Indigo Films

David is working on a number of projects from this dynamic film who specialises in distribution and co-production of quality films, both internationally and in the UK.

Veronika Decides to Die

A movie poster developed to promote a new romantic thriller featuring Sarah Michele-Geller. The design here was adapted to highlight the lighting and romantic setting of the lake. Along with the added glow effects, the colours and textures were softened to give the feel of romance over drama.

Poster Design
Poster Design

Annabel’s Kitchen

Printed advertisement design for the hit children’s TV show series. This was a montage design to blend the colourful cartoon characters and stylized sketches into the photography, the result blends all creative styles into one design.

Uri Geller – A Life Stranger Than Fiction

Flyer for the TV adaptation of the life of Uri Geller. This was a design that required it’s own branding, developed by the Freelance Graphic Designer Team. The ideas was to have a kind of ‘X-Files’ theme to it while integrating the multitude of famous people Uri has met throughout his career.

Poster Design
Poster Design

Beyond the Pole

This British comedy drama uses photography to highlight the bleak isolation of their adventure. A dark comedy set in the most unusual of settings, the poster design is a mix of characterization and landscape.

Land of Opportunity

Poster design for a film depicting the recovery from hurricane Katrina. Here we see the stark contrast of the devastation left behind in black and white, and the hope and colour of the new, the rebuild, the comeback. All under a glorious Star Spangled Banner.

Poster Design