Jaramillo Cafe

Mauricio Jaramillo came to London in 2015 with a concept to sell his family coffee in Europe, he needed a strong brand, packaging, web design and other marketing materials.

The strength of the brand was clearly in the family history and passion for coffee as well as the very special, and unique region of the world it is from.

It was essential that in every aspect of the design these elements could come through and be communicated to the customer.

The Brand

The main concept of the main branding symbol is to communicate the special region of Colombia the Jaramillo family farms are.

‘According to the UNESCO World Heritage List, this is the heart of Colombia where the Coffee Region expands to 6 farming landscapes, 18 urban centers, 47 municipalities, 3 major Colombian cities in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio.

A countless number of coffee farms spread throughout this region where international tourists can taste the richness of the coffee beans and enjoy the breath taking views of the surroundings and exploring the further-flung reaches of the Coffee Triangle, such as the beautiful Cocora Valley.

between the towns of Pereira and Armenia. the best place to see Colombia’s national tree, the slender and tall Quindio Wax Palm.

Jaramillo Family History

There was an incredible rich and historical element to the brand which needed to be illustrated and explained.  Throughout the marketing materials and packaging this story is shown through historical photos dating back to the 19th century, highlighting how the traditions of the coffee growing and roasting process were handed down.

‘Eliseo Jaramillo picked his first coffee berry in 1883, on the farm where he was born.

Today, five generations later, the Jaramillo family continues to harvest the very finest coffee from the lush green slopes of the Coffee Triangle in Colombia – a true family business where expert knowledge and techniques have been handed down across the generations.

Now it is the turn of Mauricio Jaramillo, the first of the family to bring these exceptional, flavoursome coffee beans to European shores.

An international Selling Product

With distribution channels growing each year, the coffee is being exported across Spain and Poland, with popularity growing across Europe.

The London Coffee Festival of 2018 saw Jaramillo Cafe own a stand and allowed thousands of coffee lovers to sample the product, buy packets of coffee and learn about the family. In fact there were 3 generations of Jaramillos present at the stall during the festival. The warmth and passion of the family is a cornerstone to the brand values of the company.

Jaramillo full packaging design, back, sides and front panel.