Angar Branding Design

This was a brief to create a brand for a new Restaurant serving high end Indian cuisine. The concept was based around beauty and complexity, fusing elements of Indian symbolism and tradition with vibrancy and culture. David worked closely with the team at Angaar to produce the brand, working on screen share, sketches and detailed mood boards to find all the elements that would fit and sit within the complex branding mark. The genius of the brand was to only complete half the logo then use a vertical symmetry to mirror one half of the logo mark to the other.

The Investment Deck

It was vital to attract investors to the project, a detailed deck was put together which shows elements of the menu and decor and also sets out a comprehensive set of branding a visual guidelines for the brand itself. The colours and styles of the brand are key to the forging of an emotional conncetion to the brand based on sophistication, creativity and style. The dark tones of maroon and mahogany wood textures, along with metallic elements of copper and silver set this tone.