Based in E1 London, Biorelevant is a unique company in the biomedical sector who specialises in creating products that can recreate the chemical constitution of the stomach. This has huge application in the pharmaceutical industry for the creation, testing and application of any drug that is swallowed and digested.

The branding and product lines of the company very much reflect a friendly and personalised apprach. Far from being clinical and cold, the illustrations developed are designed specifically to give some colour and light into the industry and reflect the extremely friendly nature of the company.

Packaging Designs

Working with a top illustrator, the freelance graphic designer team developed the label designs for a huge range of products. Each with its own unique character and colour identifier. The products are instantly recognisable to the company, and being first to the market with this range of products, they have truly cemented themselves at the top of this particular niche biomedical market.

Web Design

When it came to the website, the team focussed on bringing the brand assets, characters and people to life in a more three dimensional way. Each character was there to offer advice or to visually associate with a particular product, thus crystallising it in the customer’s mind, and forming a tighter emotional connection to the brand as a whole.