Top Gear Live Advertising

In association with Method UK, David worked on a number of projects for the yearly Top Gear Live event, held at various venues across the UK. The Top Gear live advertising campaign featured the Stig, and the presenters from the show. Each advert was dynamic and had to give a flavour of the event without giving too much away. The Stig was the perfect character to use as an identifier for the brand (now a global sensation)

Printed Top Gear Live Advertising

This advert appeared in many tabloid and broadsheet newspapers nationally, as well as magazines and other media.

Print Advertising Design for Top Gear Live
Print Advertising Design for Top Gear Live2

Top Gear Live VIP Advertising

A special VIP Top Gear promo ad was also created for last year’s event, seen below.

Numerous mini banners for smaller slots in publications were also created.  The adverts above were resized, and made to fit any available space.  The turnaround for these types of jobs is often extremely tight as advertising slots get negotiated close to print deadlines.  David worked on the resizing and reimagining of designs to fit these spaces and ensure the client had their event in the public view.

Several online banners were created, animated and eye catching for use on websites with significant viewership.  Work load was increasingly pressurised leading up to the events.  Last minute ads and banners were commissioned and the event programme was also a large part of the work undertaken by David and Method UK.  Click here to see how David’s contacts in Illustration played a major role in the centre section of the event program.