TRX is an online deal-making tool to license thousands of hours of great TV and film content from multiple distributors within the TV and film space. It’s a unique platform that offers all of its content available in one place for the first time. The company is truly passionate about TV and their mission is to make it easier for every show produced to reach its full potential.

Working with avid and his team for several years now, the partnership has produced some truly spectacular results in the company’s look, style and impact on the industry.

Exhibition Graphics

Freelance Graphic Designer was commissioned to create a series of exhibition graphics and generation of display artwork for various cutting edge industry conferences across the world. The printing of TRX’s artwork was all envisioned by lead designer David Pugh, who presented a series of concepts and ideas to the team at TRX to review and discuss several months prior to the event.

The exhibition graphics themselves were finalised with the final design choice being a multimedia giant ipad style display, showing off the huge variety and complexity of shows that TRX have been involved with in their long career. As well as the multitude of prestigious clients in the TV and film space that are integrated partners of the company.

The style of the stands and printing finish was the best way to appeal to visitors in the conference. A brightly coloured display attracting more visitors to the stand to engage in conversation and discussions for future business together.

Exhibiting is all about communication, so kicking these conversations off with a great visual display was the perfect way to do this, and TRX were thrilled with the results of the design work.

Alternative designs are featured below, these concepts were put forward, and discussed with the team but the clear winner was the ipad design due to its simplicity and use of technology.

Advertising Design

Ideally, a good example of creative advertising should be self explanatory without too much text. More often than not, people don’t like taking the time to look at or read advertisements, and so creative, eye-catching advert like this is important to attract attention and benefit the image of the company.

The concept was to create an almost infinite set of choices, highlighting the vast array of program-ming and choice available at TRX. The second emotional touch point was the sense of technology and cutting edge features, allowing the customer to quickly pick out their choice at speed with all the relevant information instantly available to them.

Brochure Design

TRX approached us to develop their corporate magazine marketing campaign for the new year.

The company already had a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and styles, and it was up to David and the team to interpret these in a fresh new way that would fit within the visual DNA of the company but still provide something fresh and vibrant.

Our creative scope included the distinctive colours, the choice of photography and the typeface.  Other visual assets were then developed from the angled shapes and diagonals which really brought the brand to life and provided a new visual framework moving forward.