Tie Break Tens is an exciting and new concept for a tennis tournament.  It differs from conventional tennis as matches are comprised solely of tie-breaks with no games, or sets being played at all.

Established world-class players from all over the world come together to compete head to head in a fast-paced knock out tournament for a winner-takes-all prize of $250,000. Each tournament sees eight players battle it out in one thrilling three-and-a-half-hour tournament.

For the recent tournament at Madison Square Garden, New York the company partnered with Freelance Graphic Designer’s team to work on the graphics and artwork concepts.

Tie Break Tens at Maddison Square Gardens

The initial concept was to portray the players of the game as giants, titans and superhuman in size and stature.  For this lead designer David Pugh worked on a design where these players would tower over the iconic New York Skyline, bursting out of the city into the night’s sky.  The players would also be seen in vivid colour compared to the black and white cityscapes.

Below you will see an evolution of the flyers and marketing materials, as each world star tennis player was revealed to their audience, then the marketing material had to accommodate and change until all 8 players competing were all seen in the flyer.

The finalised artwork went across the stadium, magazines, social media, television and other outlets.

Tie Break Tens infographics

 This infographic along with many other projects completed by the team was part of a whole visual identity developed to take the company forward and to communicate the growing popularity of the concept.